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From design, on-demand duplication, sales, storage, and shipping, Qrates will provide everything you need to get your music on cassette. 

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Make from 50 copies

Compared to vinyl which starts from 100, you can make as many or little as 50 cassettes.

Faster delivery

Get your cassettes made in 8 weeks or less.

Affordable to all

Whether you're paying upfront or crowdfunding your release, making cassettes is both quick and affordable.

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Ready to get your music on cassette?

From clear to coloured & everything in between, printed or stickered we've got you covered. Working with our production partners we have selected a star-studded line up of options for you to make your vision a reality.


I don't see the cassette option in the Qrates Studio.

You'll need to first sign up so we can activate cassettes on your Qrates account. Sign up from the form on this website with your Qrates email address. We're excited for you to make cassettes with Qrates. We'll be sending invites gradually over time.

  If you have questions, please contact us at We're happy to sort it out. 

Where are the cassettes made?

We've partnered with a US company, National Audio Company, a trusted name many recognize for its high-quality products and service. Interested in becoming a Qrates cassette partner? Let's talk!

Can I still crowdfund the production costs?

Absolutely - choose your cassette specs in the Qrates Studio and choose how you want to work with Qrates. You can pay upfront and start selling, collect pre-orders, or crowdfund your release through your Qrates page. 

How much does it cost?

Getting an instant quote for your bespoke cassette spec directly in the Qrates Studio is free. To unlock the cassette option, simply sign up with your Qrates email address from the form above.

As the world’s first vinyl crowdfunding platform, we’re revolutionizing the way independent artists put music in their fans’ hands—without waste, risk, or red tape.

From design and on-demand pressing, to sales, storage, and shipping, Qrates provides everything you need to get your music on vinyl, and now cassettes.

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